Matrimonial Circumstances and the Use of Lawyers

Most marriages are simple matters of state including the two parties who want to lawfully recognize their union.  When there are extenuating circumstances involved in a marriage, the services of a matrimonial law firm in Long Island will be required in order to navigate the laws. Some examples of needing a matrimonial law firm in Long Island include marriage abroad, prenuptial agreements, and annulments and divorce.

Marriage Abroad
Marriages are recognized and valid in every state in the nation, no matter which state the union took place in. Problems may arise when spouses from other countries marry abroad and choose to then return to one of the partners’ country of origin. A matrimonial law firm Long Island will take the time to explore options available to you and your spouse in order to maintain the best possible outcome for both parties.

Prenuptial Agreements
Some couples decide to pursue a prenuptial agreement before following through with a marriage. These agreements are set in place in order to determine spousal support and any property division in case of a divorce. While prenuptial agreements are gaining wide popularity, they originated between marriages with a large gap in the wealth of the two parties or in second marriages. Prenuptial agreements help to protect both parties in the case of a divorce, and may help the parties’ part amicably, although many people feel uncomfortable discussing these matters with their finances.

Annulments and Divorce
When both parties have agreed to end their marriage, an annulment or a divorce will need to be filed. Depending on the jurisdiction to which you belong, you might need to prove that the other party has fault for the divorce, although many jurisdictions just require that both parties establish a break down in their marital relationship. Annulments are possible in some situations, though they are rare.  A matrimonial law firm in Long Island will help you to determine the course of action for your situation.

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