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Motorized shades were one of the favorite devices to use in the 1950’s when someone wanted to demonstrate the home of the future. Interestingly, women of the future still dressed like June Cleaver from the Leave It To Beaver series of the 50’s, and the general décor of homes remained unchanged, but the automation of the devices was completely futuristic. Ovens turned themselves on and grabbed the waiting food to cook at dinner time. Washing machines turned themselves on and off. Lights turned on automatically whenever anyone entered the room and turned off when they left (they got that one right!) And of course, motorized shades opened and closed opened and closed on demand. The ovens have not yet become automated to this extent – at least until designers can ensure they don’t accidently grab one of the family pets – but many other common appliances have become automated.

Modern automation includes security systems which can connect alarms, security cameras, and electronic door locks for homes in the same way that they are integrated for the highest end hotels and casinos. Heating and air conditioning controls are all automated, and can be controlled from a single computer program. Music and video entertainment systems have the same level of control allowing homeowners to listen to mood music or record their favorite controls, even remotely from their smart phones. And of course, homeowners can also take advantage of automated motorized shades that can be controlled in exactly the same ways.

motorized shades
motorized shades

Integrated systems are increasing in popularity as the cost of the technology decreases, and the awareness of the public that as far as automation is concerned, the future is now. Software control systems that reside on a common personal computer or laptop are reasonably priced and easy to install and use. The most popular hardware supply stores each of their lines of automation kits which included standardized parts for all the wiring (or wireless) connections necessary – and the expertise to make it easy to install for the homeowner. With these systems, homeowners are doing all sorts of clever things. Some coordinate their various systems, for instance, turning on the air conditioning at the same time the motorized shades are closed, when the day becomes warm. In fact, they can put the software on timers and make this happen automatically. Or even more impressive, they can attach temperature sensors and activate the whole change when the room warms up. These systems afford modern homeowners an entire new level of convenience.

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