Letting Auto Accidents Lawyers In Greeley CO Handle Insurance Companies

After an accident, a person can call one of the Auto Accidents Lawyers Greeley CO to help with the legalities of the situation. Even if a lawyer isn’t hired, consulting one for advice is well worth the time. An individual will at least find out whether a lawyer thinks legal services are required. They might even give helpful legal advice for free.

Insurance Companies Are Businesses

Anyone who contacts Richard Blundell Law Offices to help with an insurance company probably realizes that insurance services are in business to make money. It doesn’t behoove an insurer to honor every claim or to pay out as much as possible. Insurers also have to worry about insurance fraud. As such, an insurer will usually look for problems with a claim. A valid claim might be flagged by an insurer as invalid. What happens when an insurance company refuses to pay?

Making It Easier

A person can make their interaction with an insurance company much easier by visiting us website and arranging to meet one of the Auto Accidents Lawyers Greeley CO. Having a lawyer involved from the start will send a clear message to the insurance company. The company will know that the individual they are dealing with means business and won’t tolerate any games.

Avoiding Trouble With Insurers

Some people create their own problems with insurance companies. For example, anyone who leaves the scene of an accident without reporting the incident to the police is just asking for trouble. Without a police report on file, an insurance company won’t honor a claim. An insurance representative might also think it’s suspicious that someone avoided the police and still filed a claim. Even if the other party who is involved in the accident doesn’t want to call the police, the authorities must still be contacted. It’s not an option if insurance is going to be used to pay for damages or personal injuries.

Some people need lawyers and don’t even realize it. They might spend weeks going back and forth with an insurance company when a lawyer could resolve the matter with a phone call. Consulting a lawyer after an accident is smart.

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