Legal Advice from a Domestic Defense Assault Attorney

by | May 6, 2020 | Lawyers

Facing a domestic assault charge can be a trying experience with a lot of unknowns. Many in the legal community try to avoid representing individuals accused of this crime. Other lawyers might take on a related case, but they just don’t have enough actual courtroom litigation experience to navigate this tricky legal defense strategy. Take advantage of helpful legal advice from a local domestic defense assault attorney in San Antonio, TX.

Cut All Communication Between Parties Involved with Assault Case

One of the biggest mistakes that defendants often make in domestic assault cases is to continue to communicate with the other party involved. This is a dangerous practice that can land someone in jail fast. Most of these cases have at least temporary orders to keep the parties separated until after the court case goes to trial and usually longer. Don’t fall for tricks that the other side may be setting up. Direct all necessary communication through an attorney.

Don’t Speak With Police Unless a Lawyer Is Present

Although in theory everyone in this country is innocent until the court finds him/her guilty, many people have deep convictions regarding domestic abuse and assault cases. Emotions can run high in these volatile disputes. Never speak with police investigators until a lawyer representing your interests is present admonishes a successful domestic defense assault attorney from San Antonio, TX.

Find a Tough Attorney Ready to Fight

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