Laughter Therapy Leads to More Speaking Engagements

As a public speaker, you probably have been told that Laughter Therapy (humor) is a very efficient resource to use when trying to connect with the audience. However, it is also a known fact that many keynote speakers forget to add a bit of humor to their speeches. Unless you want an audience full of dissatisfied and bored listeners, incorporating laughter is a must do. Many believe that you have to be a comedian to get the audience to crack a smile, but it does not have to be so complex. This article will give you professional tips on how to inject your otherwise boring speech with a tidbit of funny.

 * Start Your Speech with a Joke – No, it does not have to be a long drawn out joke, something as simple as a one liner will do. Pay attention to the event you’re speaking at as there is always a great way to incorporate a joke. For instance if the speaker before you was really thorough in their speech, consider opening up with, “Hello everyone…. Since the speaker before me covered the topic from past to present, I will make my speech short and sweet!”
 * Add short jokes throughout the speech – A little research goes a long way. Depending upon the topic you’ll be speaking on you can find cute little jokes to spread throughout your speech. You do not want to be a comedian so keep it simple. As long as it relates to the topic and is remotely funny, your audience will stay engaged.
 * Call Back Jokes are Timeless – What is a call back joke? They are small references to a joke that you might have said earlier in the speech. For instance taking the opening joke as a reference point, when you’re almost finished your speech say something like, “I’m being signaled from backstage to wrap this up…. I guess my intentions of keeping this short and sweet didn’t pan out.” Ending your speech with a joke is a surefire way to give the audience a great lasting impression.

Now that you have a few tricks for Laughter Therapy up your sleeve, adjust your speeches to add a bit of humor. Just these few tips are sure to get you noticed and increase your potential for more bookings. With any luck you’ll be a pro in no time.