Landscape Design in St. Petersburg: Shaping Nature’s Beauty

by | Apr 13, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

As more and more people start noticing the importance of a beautiful garden or back yard for their physical and mental health as well as the over all value of their property, landscape designers are experiencing a dramatic increase in demand for their services. Numerous companies are now offering landscape design services in St. Petersburg. However, just like no two snow flakes are alike, no two landscapers are alike, too. This is why you need to be sure of who you hire, so here is a guide about how to hire the perfect landscape artist for your needs.

Begin by asking friends whose gardens or backyards are so perfect they almost arouse envy in you. Asking them to refer you to their landscaper is a compliment, so don’t be shy to ask for references.  Some of the initial questions you need to ask them are:

  • Was the job done by the landscape design company satisfactory?
  • How long did it take the landscaper to achieve what you see before you? 
  • Did the landscaper or the owner encounter any unexpected problems? And how did the landscape architect react to them?
  • Was it very expensive to get these results?

These questions are vital to prepare for what you are getting into, since landscape design is an investment and takes some time. So you can expect to see the team that comes with the landscape designer for quite some time around your property. 

How to Find a Landscape Design Firm: The Web

Another way of looking for a landscape design company in St. Petersburg is by researching online. Look for options on the American Society of Landscape Architects’ official website by giving them the relevant information including your city and state.

Choose from their Specialty section, where you can choose commercial or residential services. If there are good member landscape designers in your area, you’ll find them through this site.

Contacting a Landscape Architect: First Impressions

Another way is to just keep your eyes and ears open and ask for references from anyone whose garden or backyard impresses you enough. Once you have enough references it’s time to start contacting the landscape design teams and setting up meetings so you can meet them in person for first hand impressions.

Choose someone you find easy to get along with and who seems knowledgeable and shows genuine interest in your likes and dislikes about your yard. A good landscape design professional in St. Petersburg must be capable of giving workable solutions and suggestions, and not simply take dictation from the clients. 

If you want to get the best possible landscape design service in the St. Petersburg area, just call in the most trusted name in landscape design, Powell Property Maintenance and Landscape Contractors.  

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