Knowing When You Need a Residential Roofing Installation in Menasha

Homeowners take comfort in knowing their homes’ roofs are expected to last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. However, roofs don’t always last the amount of time they are supposed to and may have to be replaced sooner. There are signs that will indicate roofing problems are present. A roofing contractor that does residential roofing installation in Menasha, Wisconsin wants potential customers to know what to look for when determining if a new roof may be needed. Here is a look at some of these scenarios that will point to the need for a new roof.

Signs of Needing a New Roof

When the shingles on the home begin to curl up, buckle, or are missing in several places, a roof repair won’t do and a new roof will be required instead. If the homeowner notices that there are a lot of granule building up in the gutters, this points to the end of the life of the roof and suggests a new one will have to be installed soon. If the roof begins to do these things early on, such as in 15 years or less, the homeowner might be due for reimbursement.

More Signs of Needing a New Roof

If the homeowner has a shingled roof and notices that a lot of shingles are missing or roof valleys are being compromised, the roof will have to be replaced. If there are excessive water leaks in the home, especially if the ceiling has a lot of brown water stains, a roof repair may not be sufficient. The roof will probably have to be replaced, but the homeowner can call a qualified roofing contractor to inspect it and make recommendations.

A Roofing Contractor for Installations in Wisconsin

Because roofing installations can be expensive, the homeowner in Wisconsin who is looking for a contractor should compare prices. Motto & Sons Construction is a roofing contractor in the Menasha area that provides roofing services for residential and commercial customers. If a potential customer needs residential roofing installation in Menasha, Wisconsin, the contractor is available. The roofers invite customers to browse our website today.

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