Is it Time for an Air Conditioning System?

In the summer, when the heat really gets to be intolerable, many of us are tempted to rip out that noisy, drippy window air-conditioning unit and replace it with a quiet, energy-efficient, central-air conditioning system. However, we don’t because we are worried about the cost, and those of us with forced-air furnaces with existing ducts may be concerned that altering the system will affect the furnace’s efficiency, as well. Those of us without duct work don’t even want to think about destroying our homes to get the work done, or the cost. But, the cost of hiring an Air Conditioning Installation in Charlotte, NC professional is easier and cheaper than you may think.  The average cost of adding central air to an already existent forced-air heating system for a home that is about 2,000 square feet will run between $3,500 and $4,000. The work can be completed in just a couple of days and many times there is little or no change to the current ducting. For homes that need ductwork, double that time and cost. If you hire an Air Conditioning Installation in Charlotte, NC contractor who is good at retrofitting, he can conceal the ducting behind walls, in the backs of closets or up in the attic with little cutting and mess.

If you have decided to invest in a central A/C system for your home, the most important thing to know is which equipment is right for you. This starts by hiring the right Air Conditioning Installing in NC contractor. They will evaluate your house by performing tests to determine what kind of heat gains to which your home is subject. The size of the A/C unit is also determine by where you live—regionally—as well as how much wall and attic space you have; the types and locations of windows and doors; and which direction your home faces. You may be able to reduce the A/C size unit you need by making your house more energy efficient, too. Your Air Conditioning Installation in Charlotte, NC contractor will recommend a unit based on tonnage or Btu. Getting the properly sized unit is important because one that is too small won’t be able to efficiently cool rooms down on the hottest days, and one that is too large consumes too much unnecessary electricity and does not lower humidity correctly because it cools the air so fast that it shuts off before giving the air a chance to circulate through the coils and extract extra moisture. This can, in fact, make a room feel damp and clammy. As you can see, making sure you hire the right Air Conditioning Installation in Charlotte, NC contractor is vitally important. Talk to several before you hire, get a few bids and referrals and then work with an Air Conditioning Installation in Charlotte, NC who knows what they are doing.