Invisalign As A Substitute For Braces

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Dentistry

Most people are upset when they visit a dentist and find out they will need to get braces. Who wants to have their teeth fitted with metal brackets? It brings about an undesirable appearance and makes one feel unattractive. On top of that, braces can also be a nuisance because food tends to get stuck between the wiring. The good news is that there is now an alternative available that will eliminate the need of braces altogether. This new alternative is known as Invisalign and is being used by thousands of dental patients in place of traditional braces. You can look for a dental clinic that provides Invisalign in Rochester NY if you are interested in learning more about the product and how it works. For those that are concerned about appearances, this is where Invisalign really shines. The product is transparent and barely visible when inserted into the mouth. Invisalign is made from clear plastic, which means that the teeth will be completely visible. In addition, it can also be removed, unlike traditional metal braces that are manually constricting and must be kept on your teeth all day long whether you want them to or not. Since it is removable, it also makes eating, brushing and speaking much easier. The very fact that it is removable means that patients are not limited to what they are allowed to eat. They don’t have to worry about eating foods that can potentially damage the tray. If you need braces and are interested, then you can speak with your dentist about Invisalign in Rochester NY. You will be given more information about how it works and how they compare to traditional braces. The more information you know, the better it is for you. If you do choose to proceed, then you will undergo a series of x-rays and CT scans to get the form and shape of your dental impressions. In terms of cost, that will vary depending on your specific needs and clinic. In most cases, it is roughly the same cost as getting metal braces. While Invisalign in Rochester NY is not cheap, it will get your teeth straightened up and in alignment, which is necessary for long-term oral health. If you want to restore your teeth to its proper positioning, then consider Invisalign as a viable and more aesthetically appealing alternative to metal braces. Invisalign Rochester NY – Invisalign is a legitimate substitute for those who are not keen on the idea of braces. Ultimate Smile Dental will help you retain your smile while correcting the alignment of your teeth.

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