Installing Your Own Truck Cap

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Automotive

Truck caps in Binghamton, NY are extremely useful in helping truck owners to carry cargo securely. A bed covering or camper shell is more convenient that worrying about a lot of freight being tied down properly, or the possibility of causing a road hazard or a car accident when an item falls off your truck. But the enthusiasts who are purchasing truck caps in Binghamton, NY are doing so because of their newly inspired aesthetic appeal as well. Contemporary truck caps are not just functional items, but can add to the look of your truck when you buy one that is compatible in terms of shape, style, and size. This may mean doing an exhaustive search through an assortment of different kinds of truck caps in Binghamton, NY to find just the right one, but once you have found it you can save money by installing it yourself rather than paying someone as a dealership or auto body shop $60 an hour to do it for you. You should probably find a helper in order to lift a shell if that’s the style of truck cap that you will be installing on the back of your truck. Even if it isn’t, a helper will make the job far easier and less hazardous. Your first step will be to find a decent flat space close to your truck and lay down a tarp, then flip the truck cap over on top of it in order to apply adhesive to the bottom of the truck cap. The adhesive is going to help the truck cap to adhere to the top of your truck bed, so don’t apply any adhesive foam anywhere that will not touch the truck bed, or on any doors that you will want to be able to open once the shell is in place. Your helper or partner should then help you to lift the truck cap up onto the back edge of your truck. You should make sure that your tailgate is open first, then rest the cap or shell on top of the edges of the bed approximately where they belong. You will want to align it quickly in order for the adhesive to work. Clamp the truck cap down on to the bed as close to the cab as possible. Move back from the cab end of the front bed towards the tailgate making adjustments so that the truck cap is rightly aligned. Once you reach the tail end of your truck, don’t admire your work yet. Make sure the rear window of the cap shell has room to close. Then, clamp down the back end as well. J&R Upholstery can take care of your automotive needs, including selling and installing truck caps in Binghamton, NY. They have been successfully serving the needs of our customers in a multitude of surrounding counties for over forty years.

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