Installation of Electrical Wiring in Carmel That Requires a Permit

    As you begin planning for remodeling projects, you may need to learn when a residential electrical permit is required. This varies to a certain extent by municipality but some general guidelines can be expected. You may want to hire a professional for the installation of electrical wiring in Carmel that requires a permit.


    If the project requires a building permit, an electrical permit is automatically mandated for any electrical work to be done. A permit also must be obtained when adding a certain number of new electrical features. Three is a standard number in this case. Thus, adding three new outlets, light fixtures or ceiling fans would require a permit.

    Wiring Ability

    One problem with an individual attempting to acquire an electrical permit for residential work is the level of wiring ability the government agency demands. You would probably be asked to bring in a floor plan showing the existing electrical features and answer several questions about the project. An inspector will want to know the size and type of the electrical wiring in Carmel, and how the devices will be grounded.


    Occasionally a person with some do-it-yourself electrical experience decides to complete the work without a permit. Especially if the project should have included a building permit, there’s a risk that the agency will find out. The municipality would then demand that a permit be purchased. The fee might be increased as a punitive measure. You could be forced to demolish part or even all of the project so an inspector can evaluate wiring behind walls. It’s best to follow regulations and hire a contractor like Business Name.

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