How to Sell when No One is Buying

by | Mar 19, 2013 | General

With US economy, businesses from across the country are posting losses quarter after quarter. In such times, you as a business owner just cannot sit there, waiting for your business to die off. You have an obligation to takes steps that will make your employees get back on their feet and fight it out. When companies emerge stronger during and after a crisis, it is a good chance that the company will roll on for a  long time. Here is what you must do for ensuring that your products sell when no one is buying – Change your strategy – When you are not getting a good response from your customers on the new product/service, then it’s your obligation to change your strategy to make the products more appealing to your customers. Learn what it is that your customers are not liking about your business. Is it your product? Customer service? Delivery? Get your facts right before heading ahead. Motivate your team – The basic reason of a campaign failing is that the sales team doesn’t quite have the sort of motivation. Keep a healthy office environment. Let go off those who are not contributing to the group and encourage those who take an active part in the discussions. This way, you will definitely find more people getting onboard and openly giving their feedback on any new campaign. Social Media – Learn how you can make the full use of social media. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn has helped companies make a lot of money just by connecting with them. And the best part is – it’s all free! Public Relations – Public relations has always been neglected when it comes to businesses. Learn to connect with people who matter to your company, and not just your customers. Get in touch with the community and also stockists. Innovation in Products or service – If you find that your products are not doing good, then you have a fundamental problem. Make sure to invest a lot on RnD and have your products made in a way that they make the life of your customers easier. These are the core concepts that you need to clear out before setting out on a new journey. The right kind of sale can withstand the strong winds of economic depression. Selling when no one is buying has its advantages as well. Sales coaching – The Sales Coaching Institute offers professional training and sales coaching that helps leading organizations improve sales results. Visit for more information.

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