How to Save Money and Still Enjoy Living off-Campus While You’re in College

    Living off-campus instead of in a dorm room while you are in college can be a very exciting prospect. However, there are some things that take getting used to, as well as expenditures that you would not have if you were dorm-bound. However, most students feel the tradeoff is in their favor when choosing campus area housing at UW Madison. With that in mind, here are some ways to save money to make an independent living even more enjoyable.

    Live Nearby

    Even though you are living on your own does not mean you have to live on the other side of the city. The transportation costs alone would be quite prohibitive. Therefore, look for apartments that are nearby so you can walk or ride a bicycle to campus. You’ll also save on not having to pay parking fees to bring a car to campus.

    Make Your Own Food

    Instead of using the drive-thru every day or ordering delivery, you can make your own meals as apartments come with their own kitchen. If time is an issue, you can cook in bulk so that it is ready in advance. This not only saves you money in your campus area housing at UW Madison, but it also encourages you to eat healthier as well.

    Student Discounts

    Take advantage of the student discounts that many businesses offer. This could range from entertainment options to clothing stores and even thrift shops. On top of these student-only discounts, pay attention to coupons which can save tons of money at the grocery store.

    If you are interested in living off-campus, contact Lark at Kohl at

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