How To Properly Store Your Batteries

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Travel and Vacations

Rayovac Ultrapro batteries C are an often rare and sometimes valuable commodity. Some important appliances such as batteries and baby swings still require one or more size C batteries. Unfortunately, there are fewer appliances which call for a size C battery, so it is harder to find the batteries when you do need them. Many places where the public would commonly find batteries, such as grocery stores or department stores, have a very limited supply of the C batteries. So, when you are able to find a retailer or online supplier who has the Rayovac Ultrapro batteries C, you’ll want to really stock up to build up your supply. And when you find that you are stocking up, you’ll also need to discover the best way to store the batteries to extend their life and keep them viable. One great way to extend the life of the batteries is to keep them sealed inside the package you purchased them in. This will also help you remember what type of battery they are, where you purchased them and possibly when you purchased them. Next, don’t store batteries that are new together with batteries that have been used. If old batteries begin to leak, the battery acid could get on the new batteries and ruin the entire batch. Plus, it would be difficult to distinguish which were new batteries and which were old. Any time you find a battery that feels warm, you should throw it away. The heat is a sign that the battery is not operating correctly. Try to store batteries in a dry, cool place. Excessive heat or moisture could create a messy and potentially dangerous situation. It is important to keep batteries out of the heat. Don’t ever allow them to be stored in temperatures that are over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. If the Rayovac Ultrapro batteries C aren’t in use, then remove them from the toy, appliance, or equipment that they have been in. Keep them stored until it is time to use them once again. If you can, keep the batteries stored in a level or organized manner. The terminals on the batteries shouldn’t be touching any other battery terminals while in storage. Instead, line up the batteries, so that they are laid out neatly and won’t have the opportunity to roll around while in storage.   When stored properly Rayovac Ultrapro batteries C can last for several years. With carefully stored Rayovac Ultrapro batteries C, you’ll be prepared for all of the emergencies that send you running to the store in the middle of the night only to discover that the entire stock of C batteries are already gone! Begin your storage of C batteries today.

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