How to Make the Best Choice on Off-Camus Student Housing Amenities

    Choosing the cheapest student apartments in Madison, WI, is not likely the wisest choice for you. Getting a place that offers amenities can make your life more convenient and save you money. Here are a few extras that may be on your priority list.

    Student apartments in Madison, WI, will have essential appliances, like a stove and refrigerator. This will allow you to make meals in your apartment. Other in-unit appliances that can add convenience to your life and may be worth spending more on include a microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer.

    Consider the pros and cons of getting a furnished apartment. You may spend a little more on your rent each month, but you won’t go through the hassle of purchasing items that you will use for long.

    Some are surprised to learn that many student apartments are pet friendly. Before signing a contract, make sure you understand what costs are associated with having a pet and that the place is adequately set up for your pet type. For example, if you have a cat, there must be room for a litter box.

    An apartment with a private outdoor space can make life more relaxing. If there is a balcony or porch, you can catch some sunshine or barbecue. Also, look at the amenities that are offered within the complex. For example, there may be a pool, gym, and hot tub.

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