How to Determine Whether It’s Time to Find an Experienced Foot Doctor

    Many people injure their foot or ankle every day. This is often due to a sports-related injury or a simple slip-and-fall. For humans, the feet and ankles must support the entire body weight. If these areas are injured, the person could have difficulties walking or otherwise moving in a normal manner. Here’s how to help determine whether it’s time to find an experienced foot doctor in Bronzeville.

    Diabetics & Those with Compromised Circulation Should Have a Foot Doctor

    It is essential that diabetics and others with compromised circulation to understand the importance of taking good care of their feet and lower extremities. Diabetics are susceptible to serious infections if their blood sugar isn’t under control and when they injure their lower legs, feet or ankles.

    Check Feet Daily to Ensure Any Injuries or Issues Are Caught Promptly

    Those with serious circulation problems often don’t even feel when they have injured their extremities since lower legs and feet often become numb. These patients all should have a regular foot doctor to ensure continued good health in the future. Letting an injury go for even a short time period can ultimately result in an amputation of the patient’s affected foot, toe or lower leg. It is crucial to check feet daily and get regular foot exams by a dedicated foot doctor from Bronzeville.

    Serious Foot/Ankle Injuries Need Specialized Care

    Foot specialists have the needed advanced training to handle complex foot and ankle problems. Contact Mitchell Foot & Ankle at anytime.

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