How to Clean Olympus Scopes

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Health Care

An endoscope is a medical tool used to examine organs or to remove foreign objects from a human body.
Cleaning Olympus scopes is a necessary thing in order to prevent sickness, illness, and disease from spreading to a large number of patients. Additionally, cleaning endoscopes is the only way to continue to use them and thereby prevent additional costs. The following steps will help you to ensure the health of your patients while examining their current health condition.
First, you should clean Olympus scopes by putting on gloves and a long sleeve shirt. The gloves protect your hands from chemicals that can make you sick or enter your bloodstream. The shirt prevents other portions of your body from possibly being infected by chemicals or dried up cells or blood samples that may still exist on an endoscope. You do not want to infect yourself, particularly if you are a doctor who treats patients regularly.

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Next, you should clean Olympus scopes by filling a tub with endoscope detergent. The detergent is used to clean the endoscopes. Wipe down the outside portions of the endoscopes and use a channel brush to clean out the cylinders and channel ports. The cylinders and channel ports are harder to reach and require the channel brush in order to clean endoscopes thoroughly. Take your time when in the cleaning process. Realize that endoscopes play a role in your health, as well as the health of your patients. No matter the time, you need to slow down and take your time with a thorough cleaning of your medical tools.
When cleaning Olympus scopes, you need to take the cylinder adapter, attach it to the cylinder, and turn on the adapter for 30 seconds while submerging the tools in the detergent. Use a syringe to draw out the fluid present in the scope. Apply force to the plunger until the syringe reaches its full capacity. The goal of cleaning the cylinder is to ensure that every portion of the medical tool is cleaned completely. Wipe down the cylinder and plunger with a clean cloth to ensure that the detergent and germs do not remain on the tools. Remember that though endoscope detergent is intended to clean, it is also made of harmful chemicals. Should those chemicals enter a human body, sickness, illness, and death could result.

After cleaning the external endoscope parts, draw a fresh tub of water, add the cleaning detergent, and place the endoscope in the mixture. The adapter should go back on the cylinder once more and remain there for thirty seconds to help with cleaning the adapter. When the cylinder adapter has done its job, remove the endoscope from the mixture and wipe the instrument with a clean cloth. Cleaning
Olympus scopes
is a necessary thing, both for human life and economic costs. Nevertheless, it can be a risky thing too. Both detergent and bacteria must be removed from the medical devices before they can be used again. You want to ensure that at every stage, you are doing what a doctor does best—preserving human life.

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