How to choose the correct PBX Equipment

When your company is ready to chose and install IP PBX Equipment, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account.

  • Calling capacity
  • The number of locations
  • The features you want and need
  • Security

The size is important: One advantage to IP PBX Equipment is its ability to allow for the addition of call capacity as the business grows. Most systems start with a 20 station capacity and many will allow for an unlimited number. When you choose your plan, choose one which will cover your current needs knowing well that you can expand as you need to rather than pay for capacity that is not being used. The number of locations: Some time ago telephone systems were tied to a single location, however, with the use of IP PBX Equipment it is possible to operate from a number of virtual locations and only have a single physical location. Local and international calls can be accommodated which allows any business to show a presence in any market that they wish to serve through the provision of a toll-free local phone number which the clients will be comfortable in using. The features are varied and important: The features of an IP PBX system are mind boggling. Once you peruse all the features that are available make a short list of those that at first blush appear to suit your needs. Every system will be complete with the basics; incoming calls, call waiting, call forwarding and voice mail. There are many other features that may or may not be relevant to your operation, such features as voice to email and text messaging are easily accommodated by IP PBX Equipment. Part of your initial analysis will be to determine whether the bulk of the calls will be incoming or outgoing. Other features that may prove beneficial are:

  • Call screening
  • Call blocking
  • Utilize a name directory
  • Send fax over the internet

Do not forget security: Business telephone installations need to be secure; this is always one of the primary concerns of management. Security often depends on the location of the equipment, if your facility is secure and under your complete control then an on-premise PBX is acceptable. If you share a common office with others which means you are not in control of the cabinets where the IP PBX Equipment is located then on-premise housing may not be suitable and having your equipment hosted elsewhere where security is mandated. The systems that are commonly available use security for call and data purposes as well and this security can be low level such as no encryption all the way to very strong encryption. Determine the security level of the location and the data before you make your equipment choice. PBX Equipment of the highest caliber is available from The company offers full service and support regardless of the complexity of the installation.