How to Care For a Brand New Puppy

    You have a new puppy in the home, now what do you do? If you have had puppies before you are probably a pro at puppy care. However, if you have some questions or this is your first pet, this article will give you some basic puppy care tips. Many of these are from my personal experience of what works and what doesn’t. I have had pets all my life, I love animals, and I was the kid who brought home the strays and the injured animals. I never knew a dog that was mean. I gave my mother some heart-stopping moments I am sure, since it took forever to teach me to ask before I pet one.

    Crate Training

    As a kid up right until a few years ago, I never knew what kennel training was, and I never owned one. Through the last several dogs, a few puppies, and a couple adults, I have found that crate training is perfect. Talk to your Vets in Durham about crate training. It offers the dog a place of security that is all its own. Give the dog its own space so it will learn that the crate is just for them. Using a crate for potty training puppies helps them learn bladder and bowel control. It also alleviates many accidents in other areas of the house that are not as easy to clean. A crate allows you to leave the puppy with only the toys you want them to have, and they cannot chew anything while you can’t attend to them. If you travel with your pet, a travel crate helps protect your puppy from being thrown around in the car, and in the case of accidents, they are less likely to get severely hurt. It would also prevent them from running away if you are unconscious. The biggest priority about crate training is to remember when you let the puppy or dog out they need to exercise.

    Determining your training schedule

    A young puppy definitely needs a schedule. Even older puppies and dogs will benefit from the schedule in your home. It helps you to keep them in a routine and helps you to easily house break the dog.

    Determine your schedule

    Plan for twice a day feeding:

    * Usually morning and evening works best

    Take the puppy outside for bathroom several times a day:

    * Morning

    * After eating

    * Before you leave

    * When you let them out of the crate

    * At night before sleeping

    Exercise & Playtime:

    * Puppies need LOTS of exercise and playtime

    * Separate play time and potty time

    * The more often you exercise the puppy, the less it will get into trouble!

    These are the priority things you want to establish as soon as your new puppy is home. You also need to find a Vets Durham nearby for checkups and vaccinations. 

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