How to Boost Brain Power While Living in Student Housing in Mt. Pleasant, MI

    While you’re attending university, taking care of your brain is vitally important. After all, you’ll need it to perform well on tests and homework. Living in student housing in Mt. Pleasant, MI, can help you boost your brain power in the following ways.

    Go Swimming

    While swimming is good for physical fitness, it can also boost brain health. For instance, swimming improves brain function, creates new brain cells, enhances memory, and more. So next time you’d like to take a dip in the pool, you can also appreciate the fact you’ll be keeping your brain healthy, too.

    Play a Game

    In the tavern-style game room, you’ll have the chance to play games such as foosball and pool. For one thing, playing foosball requires plenty of concentration and mental focus. This boosts memory and cognitive function. Moreover, playing pool keeps the mind sharp since it increases hand-eye coordination. Not only this, but pool and foosball can be challenging in an enjoyable way.

    Exercise Regularly

    You can exercise in the 24-hour fitness center. Exercise boosts brain function and memory by increasing the production of molecules and inducing blood flow. You can also get a good workout by playing sand volleyball or basketball on the courts.

    To sum it all up, staying in student housing in Mt. Pleasant, MI, can help you keep your brain healthy. Besides this, taking care of your brain can be fun as long as you can do activities you enjoy. Contact The Reserve at Mt. Pleasant at

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