How Store Murals in Ft. Lauderdale FL Attract Customers

The use of store murals in Ft. Lauderdale FL is an excellent way to retain loyal customers and attract new ones. Whether a store is the small convenience type, specializes in home improvement, or is a huge one with multiple departments, there are murals available to capture the eye. Directing people to the drinks with a twenty-seven-inch mural of water and soda, for example, helps customers get in and out of the store.


A large department store can confuse and frustrate busy customers when they cannot find desired items. It is sometimes easier to go to a shoe store for sneakers or a furniture store for nightstands than walk around and seek the right department. Wallpaper murals make finding items fast. People hiking on a mural can direct customers to the shoe department quickly.

A blue and pink pattern, a mural of stuffed animals, or a silhouette of a crib is unmistakable as belonging in the department for babies. Customers can find it simply by looking across the layout. They do not have to walk around in circles, attempt to find a staff person, or ask customers with baby items in their carts where they found the onesies.

Saving Time

Saving people time and stress with store murals in Ft Lauderdale FL will encourage them to browse other departments and aisles while in the store. They will be happy with the items they needed, feel they have extra time to look at other products, and more likely to spend more money. The next time items are needed or desired, customers will remember the pleasant experience and return.

Excellent Return on the Investment

People are becoming obsessed with social media and post minute details of their activities. Something as refreshing as a calm and fun visit to a busy store will be the highlight of the day and mentioned in a post. This will be seen by all their friends who will share it on more social media pages.

A full return on the wallpaper investment will be enjoyed shortly after the mural is placed in the corresponding department. To get an idea of what is offered, browse our website before visiting the showroom that consists of fifteen-hundred examples of wallpaper in stock.

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