How Roofers in NJ Can Help with Your Homeowner’s Insurance

    You own a home and have homeowner’s insurance so you should be able to use it when the need arises, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case, especially with roof damage. How is the untrained homeowner supposed to know when it is a good idea to call the insurance company and when it is best not to? While it might be impossible for a homeowner to learn the ins and outs of the homeowner insurance industry, you can use the services of roofers in NJ to help you determine what your best route should be when it comes to your roof and homeowner’s insurance.


    The reason you need a new roof plays a vital role in whether or not your insurance company will cover your loss. Each insurance company works differently; every policy within that company differs as well. There is no cut and dried reason your claim is approved or not approved. When you have an insurance adjustor come out to your home to assess the damage to your roof and to determine if it is due to a loss that is covered by your policy, you could be putting your homeowner’s insurance at risk.

    Denied Claims

    If you have the insurance adjustor out to assess the damage to your roof and for one reason or another he denies your claim, your insurance premiums could still be at risk. It is common knowledge that when you file a claim on your policy and have roofers in NJ fix or replace your roof, your premiums typically go up. Why would they go up if your claim was denied and no payment was made to anyone? This is typically due to the fact your roof is now a greater risk to insure; even though the insurance adjustor denied the claim to have it fixed, they still have to insure the roof. Now it has damage that could become dangerous.

    Before Calling Insurance

    If you want to reduce the likelihood of your premiums increasing unnecessarily, you can call reputable roofers in NJ before calling your insurance company. A roofer can come to your home and inspect your roof for you. An experienced roofer will be able to tell you if the damage your roof has is typically covered by insurance. If you have damage that will not be covered, the roofer can save you from contacting your insurance company and causing your premiums to increase

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