How Do Waste Management Companies Make Your Life Easier

    The EPA estimates that the average American produces a little over 4 pounds of trash per day. Now, multiply that by the number of people in a household, then the number of days in a week… a month… a year.

    That’s a lot of trash.

    Waste management companies do more than collect our waste. They collect, handle, and dispose of waste, as well as facilitate recycling methods. The average person doesn’t want to deal with their waste, so, fortunately, some reliable professionals can do the dirty work for us.

    Fortunately, now, a lot of waste is converted into useable energy. In addition to recycling efforts that transform ordinary waste products into reusable content, recycling reduces the carbon footprint we’re making on the world. The more materials that can be reused and re-purposed, the more conservation of natural resources.

    Waste management in San Antonio, TX makes it easier to sort household waste by means of color-coded bins to help distinguish different materials. A good-size container should be able to compensate for a fair load of garbage, but your local waste management company can provide the exact details to be sure.

    It’s also important to know the items you should exclude from typical waste collections, like batteries, any hazardous materials, and bulk items that would be better served by special-order pick up.

    One dependable solution for waste management San Antonio, TX is Tiger Sanitation. From residential and commercial waste management, including roll-off and recycling, Tiger Sanitation can handle any waste management job.

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