Hiring a Disability Claims Attorney in Temecula, CA to Represent You

    It can be nearly impossible to get the desired outcome if you represent yourself in your disability case. Your lack of legal skills makes it difficult to convince a judge that you are so sick or injured that you cannot go back to work. Unless you suffer a terminal illness, like pulmonary fibrosis or pancreatic cancer, you can expect to be turned down for benefits on your first case.

    Rather than risk not being approved at all, you need to hire an experienced disability claims attorney in Temecula, CA to represent you. He or she has the knowledge and finesse to get the judge to decide in your favor.

    Showing Evidence of Your Disability

    The judge needs to see evidence of your injury or sickness before he or she can decide that you cannot go back to work. Your lawyer can present evidence like doctors’ statements, x-rays, prescription records, and other documents detailing your disability and the required treatment for it. Your legal team can also bring healthcare workers to court to testify that there is no way that you can go back to work.

    If you are turned down for benefits, your lawyer can also immediately file an appeal for you. The appeals can continue until you are approved or you decide to drop the case.

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