Hidden Dangers At A Poorly Operated Dog Day Care In Fairfax Station VA

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Animal Hospital

A responsible parent wouldn’t choose just any daycare for their child, so why would a pet owner take their beloved animal to the first Dog Day Care in Fairfax Station VA that they come across? Dog owners have to fully understand some of the dangers that poorly operated dog sitting businesses are known for.


If a Dog Day Care in Fairfax Station VA isn’t operated by responsible people, dogs can get attacked by other dogs. That’s because a dog sitter might put more than one dog in a single cage. A larger dog can attack a smaller one and cause serious injuries. The sitter will usually lie about how the injuries came about.

Bad Food

Much like people, dogs can get sick when they eat bad food and drink contaminated water. Pet sitters who don’t care about cleanliness are putting their client’s pets at serious risk of getting a sick. Food and water dishes need to be thoroughly cleaned. Food and water should not be left out for days. Any pet owner who wants quality care can take their pet to Business Name.


Pet owners know that dealing with some animals can be frustrating. Pets have different personalities just like people do. It takes someone who truly loves working with animals to deal with all those different types of personalities. When someone doesn’t really care for the pets they are tasked with looking after, the animals can be beaten and abused.


The best way to avoid bad pet sitters is to do a thorough investigation of the place where the pets are cared for. Does it look clean? Are the workers nice to the animals? What does the place smell like? Any negative signs should be taken as red flags. It also helps to take notice of what other pet owners have to say about a pet sitting business.

Each day, pets are abused and neglected by pet sitting businesses. It’s up to pet owners to protect their animals and to thoroughly vet any place that houses pets. If a place isn’t giving quality care, it should be completely avoided. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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