Helping Athletes Recover in Lincoln Park with Chiropractic Care

    Professional athletes push themselves to the limit in training and on the field. Athletes put a lot of wear and tear on their bodies. This can result in serious injuries that require the assistance of a chiropractic in Lincoln Park professional.

    A chiropractic Lincoln Park professional will focus on techniques that enhance or restore joint function. They help their patients reduce joint inflammation, thereby reducing pain. Most chiropractic therapy is hands-on. Chiropractors primarily work on their patient’s back and neck. However, they are also trained to relieve pain in the joints and muscles in other body parts.

    Besides helping an athlete recover from an injury, chiropractors can help them prevent injuries. Most chiropractic injuries result from repetitive motions, forceful impacts, poor form, or overtraining. The more regularly an athlete visits a chiropractor, the quicker they recover.

    A chiropractor will ask their patients questions about their overall health and examine their patient’s posture and balance. Using this information, they will determine the best treatment. The two primary options are spinal mobilization and spinal manipulation.

    Spinal manipulation is where the doctor places the patient in different positions and uses manual impulses to correct the affected joint. They may release pressure, align muscles, and get joints working as they should. The patient may hear an audible crack as gases are removed from the joint and motion is restored.

    Spinal mobilization is a gentler approach. It uses stretches and tools to release joint pressure. To See how Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers is helping their patients visit them now.

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