Having Trouble Bathing Your Pet? Try Hayfield Animal Hospital’s Pet Bathing Service in Alexandria, VA!

    Bath time isn’t easy when it comes to a furry friend. Cats hate it most of all. Some dogs actually like being bathed; however, that doesn’t mean they know how to behave during the process. Dogs act up in a number of ways during and after being bathed. They often jump out of the bathtub in the middle of the process, try to dry themselves by rolling on the bed or couch, and resist the entire time you are bathing them. We make it easier to keep your pet clean with pet bathing in Alexandria at Hayfield Animal Hospital.

    Pet Bathing Services in Alexandria Include Medicated Bathes

    Some pets have skin conditions that require a specific type of bath to ease the symptoms or kill fleas. These baths contain medication that you may not be able to get yourself. Even if prescribed, it’s difficult to get the medication-to-water ratio right. Our groomers are skilled at giving your cat or dog a warm, relaxing, and healing medicated bath at Business Name.

    Scented Pooch

    It’s difficult to get rid of the “dog smell” when bathing your dog, and this is something our groomers are experts at. You are will pick up a clean pooch with a fresh scent, or maybe a sweet surprise!

    Other Grooming Services

    We offer a variety of other grooming services that may come in handy if you are looking to keep your animal well groomed and comfortable. You can request ear cleaning, wing clipping, nail trimming, and other services. Call us today to learn more about our grooming and wellness services at Business Name.

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