Having Faux Wood Blinds Without Paying the Price

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Blinds

The classic wood blinds will always be a favorite choice when it comes to window coverings. However, not everyone can afford the high prices that most wood blinds come in. This is where faux wood blinds come to aid those who want the same great wooden look, but at an affordable price. When you check the prices of real and alternative wood blinds, you are going to find that the prices of alternative wood blinds have up to 50% savings.  Even the keenest eye will have to get closer to the slats to have any chance of seeing that they are not real. These faux blinds come in two textures, smooth or embossed. The texture will make sure that your horizontal slats appear closest to the real thing as possible. The faux wood blinds, Detroit come in three sizes 2”, 2.5”and even up to 3” depending on what you are looking for. The 2” tend to be the standard size but for bigger window frames you will need 2.5” and 3” to make it look proportionally apt. Most faux wood blinds come with matching valances, and can work with a myriad of combinations with other window coverings. The most popular valances in use are the Crown Royale and Monarch, which are both Victorian. The valances are a necessity as they make sure that once you install your faux wood blinds, Detroit that they do not look bare or plain. It would be a good idea to make sure the next time you go to buy your alternate wood blinds that you ask, if they come with a valance or are sold separately. These wood blinds are made up of vinyl, vinyl compounds, or a mixture of wood and vinyl, to make a wood vinyl alloy. Wood vinyl alloy make the best quality obviously, because they are half wood and hence half real. Also they require fewer ladders and are sturdier. Even with a keener look the wood vinyl made faux wood blinds, Detroit cannot be differentiated with their real wood counterparts. Faux wood blinds tend to cost less and are also immune to any dampness or humidity. Unlike the real ones no dampness will be experienced, while maintaining their look. They have a longer life-span as they do not suffer adversely from the effects of their environment. Their maintenance is easier as no extra care is needed to clean them, as they do not get damaged by water. One cause for concern when it comes to faux wood blinds is their color. However, most come with UV stabilized colors, which means they will not fade off as soon as you purchase them. There are many reasons why you should get faux wood but it is mostly about the savings. Faux wood blinds – are always going to be cheaper, but at the same time give value for money. Learn more on the alternate to real wood blinds here.   

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