Hardwood Flooring and Allergies

Allergies are not fun. Whether they’re seasonal allergies, or year round, allergies are unpleasant and oppressive. They can ruin days and weeks of your life, and if they’re low lying persistent allergies can make your own home an unpleasant place to live. Some things can be done to handle your allergies. The obvious solutions are to avoid the known irritants. If pollen bothers you try to stay indoors when there are big blooms of pollen in the air. If you’re allergic to cats, try not to spend too much time around them, and don’t buy one. Some allergies are harder to avoid, some people can be set off by dust, which is very hard to keep out of your house at all times. One solution is to invest in hardwood flooring. Dust is a universal issue, and besides keeping your house perfectly vacuumed at all times there isn’t much that can be done to prevent it. Hardwood flooring isn’t cheap though, so some convincing will be needed. The thing is that since dust is a universal irritant geography doesn’t matter. People in San Antonio haven’t escaped dust, or dander. Carpet allows a lot of places for things to get stuck in. If you use a strong vacuum you might damage the carpet itself, if you use a weak vacuum you won’t get all of the irritants out of the ground. With hardwood flooring all you need is a broom and a very small amount of time. It’s very easy to keep the ground clean of irritants and the other things you might get on any floor. San Antonio is not how a lot of people picture Texas; it’s not going to be the red sand of the desert that comes in, but instead normal mud and mess. Those can be brushed off of hardwood flooring fairly easily. If you don’t have to scrub things out, it’s much easier to clean a floor. With carpet there’s a worry of things getting into the fibers or just deep down and between them. You can spill a liquid and have the carpet stink of it for weeks despite cleanings. For those with allergies carpet can be a nightmare, things can settle into it but be constantly churned up, just a bit at a time, by people’s foot traffic. Also, things like pollen can get trapped in the house longer. If you live in San Antonio and want a floor that you can keep clean more easily, then hardwood flooring is a good solution for you. You won’t have to scrub of have it shampooed and you’re going to have a warm enough ground that your feet won’t freeze on the hardwood flooring. San Antonio Hardwood Flooring – Atlas Floors, of San Antonio is a flooring company; they are a family owned store committed to giving you the service and expertise that ‘big box’ stores can’t provide. Whether it’s hardwood flooring, tile, or carpet you want to put in a house, Atlas floors should be your first stop in the San Antonio area.