Gutter Services in Tacoma Wa That Help Homeowners Divert Rainwater More Effectively

Gutter Services in Tacoma Wa can help homeowners who are having trouble diverting rainwater to a part of the property where it does not cause inconvenience. Adjustments to the system or the addition of a drainage hose are two possible solutions.

Modifying the Drainage System

For instance, the existing system may have a downspout directing rainwater to the driveway. This type of design should never have been constructed in the first place, and it has probably been an aggravation ever since. Contractors providing Gutter Services in Tacoma Wa can resolve the problem by removing that downspout and adding another one elsewhere.

Sometimes the roof design sends a great deal more rainwater down one side of the structure than any other side, but the drainage system was not installed to accommodate for that. A contractor such as C.R. Gutters maybe able to add another downspout or two to prevent water spillage from overloaded troughs.

Adding a Drainage Hose

Another solution could be a long drainage hose attached to the bottom end of the drainpipe. This also would work to move rainwater to a different area, as long as the land has enough slope. The slope can be minimal, but there must be enough so water easily flows out of the hose.

Using a Rain Barrel

Collecting rainwater in barrels is legal in Washington State and in Tacoma. This is another way of dealing with a drainage system that was set up in an inconvenient design. A downspout delivers water to the barrel, which holds the liquid until it’s needed to water a garden or another part of the property. The property owner also has the option of releasing the water slowly instead of having it come through the drainpipe from the roof onto the yard in a downpour.


One main consideration is that any diversion of rainwater must not send it to a neighboring property. Another is that sending rainwater to an area of surface water like a lake, river or stream may be prohibited. It may be possible for the property owner to have a drainage hose running to a street storm sewer, but permission must be obtained.

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