Guidelines for a Program Offering Free Government Smartphones in Oklahoma

    Free Government Smartphones in Oklahoma

    You can acquire free government smartphones in Oklahoma. As long as your family’s income does not exceed requirements, it qualifies automatically. These federal subsidies derive from the Lifeline Program, which expands communications access. In addition to cell phone service, low-income families can also receive subsidized broadband. As a result, families earning less than 135% of the federal poverty level can get both.

    Free Smartphones and Cellular Service

    Although you may bring your own device, these government-subsidized phones are free. If a qualified family requests one, it will be shipped to their home. Nevertheless, many individuals prefer utilizing phones they have bought already. Either you can bring your device, or you can use a government-provided phone. Both devices will operate completely on an affordable network, including talk and text.

    Easily Understandable Qualifications

    Any family can qualify if its yearly income is less than 135% of federal poverty levels. Therefore, if your family receives Section 8 or Medicaid, it will likely qualify. Furthermore, anyone participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program should apply. All these programs use income-based guidelines to assess participants. Thus, if you participate in one of them, you can usually be qualified for this program.

    Combine It With the Affordable Connectivity Program

    Besides cellular service, the federal government also supports broadband access. By reducing the cost of home internet, these programs can be used to expand home internet. Since the ACP’s guidelines are less strict, you can get both if you qualify for Lifeline.

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