Green Tea–A Green Choice for Guests

    A healthy drink, rich in anti-oxidants that keep skin glowing and looking good, green tea is known for its rich health benefits. Iced green tea takes this a step further by offering all the goodness of green tea in a chilled avatar that people love. If you want a winner on your menu, green tea is surely a natural choice. When you are choosing green tea for your customers, give them only the best. Here are a few criteria to look for: Choose a company that is a leader in its segment. When you choose a company that has been in business for more than two decades, you know you can never go wrong. Many companies that have made their name in the business, know exactly what will work with guests. They have years of experience in producing teas for hotels and restaurants. They know how to make products that work, every time. Choose a company known for its products that set industry standards. When you go for a quality company, you get the benefit of their experience. The major time for a top company goes into experimenting and innovating on flavors. When you choose a green tea from such a company you know you are choosing the fruit of extensive experimentation. This zeal leads top companies to win industry awards, so you know you are getting only the best. Go for a company that uses the environment-friendly ways of creating their teas. Making a choice in favor of a top company also means that you are also supporting the green movement. Tea gardens used by the top companies are known for their high environmental standards and biodiversity conservation measures. Top companies are a member of large organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance, that certifies farms to have reached a high standard. Tea gardens that belong to a large company are known also for their worker-friendly policy, with high standards that allow workers to enjoy the benefits of health care and education. When you choose such a company, you also make a choice for a healthy company that supports everyone connected with it, and makes sure to protect the environment . Quality companies are known to be very selective in their offerings, with great attention to detail. Which is why, you will also find that they mostly grow their own tea, and they employ the finest tasters. Go green, choose green tea for your guests.

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