Great Options for Dog Vaccinations in Alexandria, VA

Vaccinating your dogs is one of the cornerstones to responsible pet ownership. Dog vaccinations help keep your dog healthy, help prevent the spread of disease from your dog to others, can help prevent extremely expensive medical treatments or observation, and are often required by state or local laws. However, they can be expensive, which is why it is helpful to know your options for dog vaccinations in Alexandria, VA.

Why Vaccinate Your Dog

Vaccinations greatly reduce the chance your dog will contract an infectious disease, and can even prevent deadly diseases. While some common animal diseases may not be life-threatening, others, like rabies, are 100% fatal.

Vaccinations can reduce the chance that your dog will spread infectious diseases to other pets or humans, which is especially important because diseases that might not be life-threatening to adult dogs can kill puppies.

Vaccinations can reduce the likelihood you will have to pay for expensive veterinary care. This is not limited to medical costs; if your unvaccinated dog is exposed to rabies, you may have to pay for a medical quarantine.

Vaccinations may be required by your state for licensing purposes and, even when not required, might be necessary for liability purposes.

Where to Get Vaccinations

You can get vaccinations at low-cost vaccination events. While cost-effective, this is not the best option for pet owners who want continuity of care or are concerned about adverse vaccination reactions.

You can get vaccinations from a veterinary clinic. This is the preferred option because they are equipped to handle adverse reactions. Also, if you use the same vet that provides routine care for your pet, the vet can advise you about your dog’s particular vaccination needs.


Because many people intend to keep their dogs in a controlled environment, they may think that vaccinations are unnecessary. However, even dogs who are primarily indoors can be exposed to infectious diseases. That is why vaccinations are important for every dog. Fort Hunt Animal Hospital is a full-service animal care facility, which can help you with dog vaccinations in Alexandria, VA as well as any of your other pet care needs.

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