Grab Your Dog Leash Light and Get Healthy!

by | Jul 10, 2013 | Pets

It’s that time of year again.  The realization has been made that bathing suit season is right around the corner.  Many people invest a lot of money in gym equipment or gym memberships to get ready for the beach.  People often forget that walking is one of the best workouts available.

Instead of buying all that expensive workout gear, find ways to make walking in your neighborhood or local park more fun so you are encouraged to do it more often.  A great way to make walking more enjoyable is to bring your dog along.  You most likely already own a pair of walking shoes and a leash and collar, so you are ready to get healthy.  Another way to make a walk more exciting, or the only way to fit it into your schedule, is to go at night.  More consideration needs to be taken, however, if you plan to walk at night.
When walking at night, you should wear as much reflective clothing as possible.   This goes for your dog, too.  A dog leash light is another way to be sure that you can see and others can see you.  Busy and fast-moving traffic is a great hazard to take into consideration before walking at night.  It is a good idea to always walk towards oncoming traffic so they can see you and you can move out of the way if necessary.  Although there might be some hazards, walking at night can be an enjoyable and relaxing activity.

Along with a dog leash light, you can purchase an LED dog collar to help keep you and your dog visible.  Visibility is the #1 concern with night time activities.  It is difficult to avoid rancid food, a dead animal or even an uneven path if you are not able to see.  It is a good idea to walk on paths that are at least remotely familiar at night.  If taking a new path, maybe wait until you can first do it during daylight hours.

After you have made the decision to get healthy, ask someone to join you and your pet.  It always helps to have someone else to keep you accountable and even add some competition.  Day walking and night walking is good for you.  Just don’t forget your dog leash light when heading out in the dark!

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