Good quality Mexican dulce de leche is available online

by | Mar 19, 2013 | General

Mexico is known for its cuisine, which offers a wide array of gourmet dishes, bakery products, desserts, chocolates and candies. If you are particularly fond of sweets, you will definitely love Mexican dulce de leche, which translates into “sweet” or “milk candy”. It is a rich, milk-based caramel sauce and is enjoyed all through the year. This sweet, versatile treat is an essential ingredient in many desserts and is enjoyed in different ways across the thirty one federal states of Mexico. If you like to cook, you can make this caramel candy at home. It is also available online and can be ordered easily from an authentic Mexican food or grocery store. Mexican dulce de leche or cajeta can be had in a number of ways Authentic Mexican dulce de leche candies are also worth trying out. One of the numerous savory treats is Jamoncillo with fresh guava. It is made by adding cajeta, another name for dulce de leche, and shredded guava. There are other candies on offer as well, like milk caramel mixed with pecans and wafers with Mexican dulce de leche. Another variation of cajeta that is a popular treat in Mexico is milk lollipop. These cajeta pops are incredibly sweet and are manufactured by a number of renowned companies. You will, in all probability, prefer milk lollipops over a big bar of chocolate or candy as these are extremely easy to have on-the-move and are the best alternatives to large candy bars. Make yummy Mexican cajeta at home If you want to wear the chef’s hat and surprise your family or friends with Mexican dulce de leche, here’s what you need to start off. The first constituent is condensed milk, about one can, or one and a half cups. Then comes one and two-third cups of evaporated milk, followed by baking soda and salt as per taste. You will also need cinnamon seeds, which are not absolutely necessary but add to the overall taste of your Mexican cajeta. Vanilla and corn syrup make up the remainder of the ingredient list. The home-made variety is time consuming and you will need to be patient. However, the quality will definitely be better than most Mexican dulce de leche available in stores if you put that extra effort in your cooking. Mexican dulce de leche can be used for making ice creams, chocolate caramel cookies, cupcakes, caramel tartlets and chocolate brownies. If you are hard pressed for time, the best alternative to home cooking is an authentic Mexican food store. If you are seeking good quality Mexican dulce de leche, you can always order online and avail some good bargains. Looking for readymade Mexican dulce de leche? has a wide selection of delectable caramel sauces that can be used in a number of desserts.  

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