Going to Austria? Vienna Tourism Offers Many Excursion Options

by | Jul 24, 2013 | Travel and Vacations

If you visit Austria, Vienna tourism allows you to enjoy all the modern comforts of one of Europe’s most wealthy countries, while also experiencing the city’s many layers of history. However, it would be a shame to simply stay in Vienna when you can venture out of the city on excursions into the beautiful countryside. Outside of Vienna you will also find amazing history, scenic beauty, and impressive sights.
Melk Abbey
An hour long train ride from Vienna will take you to the charming little town of Melk, where you will find Melk Abbey, a beautiful baroque edifice that sits atop a cliff overlooking the Danube River. Its position offers an amazing view, which beckons you to continue your explorations on a cruise down the Danube. A tour of the monastery will introduce you to various architectural delights, such as the expansive library and Baroque spiral staircases, as well as giving you the opportunity to inspect many precious and beautiful religious artifacts.
To the north and west of Vienna lie forested hills known as the Vienna Woods. While you are in Austria, Vienna tourism excursions allow you to visit Gumpoldskirchen, a wine village that can be found on the edge of these Vienna Woods. Despite only needing a short excursion to reach Gumpoldskirchen, you will feel as though you are far from the big city and in the middle of the countryside. You will enjoy the excellent locally produced wine and tasty local dishes served in the local wine taverns.
Danube Cruise
The most beautiful stretch of the Danube River lies only a short distance from Vienna, meaning you can experience some of Europe’s best scenery with a Danube cruise excursion. This cruise covers a stretch of about 22 miles of the river known as the Wachau Valley. You will enjoy fantastic views of medieval castles, vineyards, abbeys, and charming villages. During the cruise, you can exit the boat and tour some of these villages as well.
A trip to Austria allows you to enjoy many experiences that are uniquely Austrian. As you spend time in Austria Vienna tourism provides you with plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture, both old and new. Excursions out of the city can lead you to amazing locales such as the Melk Abbey, with its spectacular views and architecture, and to Gumpoldskirchen , with its delicious local wines. Or an excursion can take place on the water, as you take a Danube cruise to experience the beautiful sights along the river.
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