Glass Tinting Methods in Connecticut

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Automotive

Glass tinting, Connecticut is an ingenious way of keeping the car cooler during hot summer days as well as enhancing visibility during bright sunny days. Each state in the U.S. has its own tinting laws. The same is true for Connecticut. These laws regulate the darkness level of the window tint since it is against the law to install extra dark tints. Before installing the tints, it is important to consult local authorities for advice on the legal implications. There are several methods of undertaking glass tinting. The first method is tinting at the factory. This type of tinting happens at the factory during the car’s manufacture. Most modern cars come with factory tinting. This type of tinting is usually between the auto glass layers. As such, it is not affected by chemicals or abrasion like the after factory tinting. In addition, it does not tear, fade or curl. By all standards, it is the most durable auto glass tinting available. Most glass tinting, Connecticut companies practice professional tinting. Window tinting is not a simple task. Professionals have the necessary skills as well as the best supplies and tools to tint auto glass. Before engaging a glass tinting, Connecticut firm, it is important to visit the tinting shop physically to view samples of previous tinting projects as well as the available tinting films on offer. Professional installers have an array of choices for clients to make their choice. Pre-cut tints are another tinting method intended solely for enthusiasts of do it yourself projects. Manufacturers cut the tint film to fit various car makes and models. Once you get the tint pieces, you simply match them with their corresponding windows before cleaning the inside surfaces, applying a special tinting solution and pasting the tint film. It is important that you position the film accurately to avoid unbalanced tints. The process of installing the tint film seems quite easy on paper. However, amateur installers usually end up with air bubbles, excess fluid and specs of dirt on the tinted windows. This underscores the importance of professional glass tinting installation. Another do it yourself strategy is the use of rolls of tint. This tinting method is a bit messy than the pre-cut tints because you have to use templates to do the cutting on your own. The templates are homemade and may be made of either poster boards or cardboards. The last type of glass tinting method is the spray-on tinting. Just like any other spray paint, the installer has to protect all surrounding surfaces with masking tape and newspapers. After cleaning the inner surface of the auto glass, he or she then proceeds to spray the glass surface with several light and even coats.

Glass tinting Connecticut

Glass tinting Connecticut

Glass tinting Connecticut uses a variety of tinting methods depending on the preferences of the client. Please visit Tint Master for more information on types of glass tinting methods.

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