Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in Los Angeles

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Health Care

In recent years, there have been an increasing number of instances involving bed bugs. Los Angeles homes and hotels are at risk of infestation, especially when it comes to travelers. These bugs can easily hitch a ride in someone’s suitcase, allowing them to travel from one place to another and spread more quickly. This makes it important to get rid of them as quickly as possible to avoid spreading them further. Identification The first step in protecting your home from bed bugs is identifying the problem as early as you can. This means checking yourself for the small red bumps that are often indicative of bed bug bites. If you notice these, you need to look for the bugs so you can tell if you have a bed bug problem or another problem. Checking your sheets, mattress and floor should be able to tell you if you are dealing with bed bugs. Inspection Once you suspect you have a problem with bed bugs, Los Angeles exterminators will come to your home and complete an inspection. This inspection isn’t because they don’t believe you actually have a bed bug problem. Instead, this inspection will tell the exterminator exactly how big your infestation is so they can come up with the best treatment plan to get rid of all your bed bugs. Treatment The final step in getting rid of the bed bugs in your home is the treatment. A qualified exterminator will know exactly what to use to get rid of the bed bugs that have made your home their own. They will apply the treatment in a safe manner so you don’t need to worry about your family or pets. In many cases, they will return at least one more time to reapply the treatment to kill any bugs that may have been missed or have hatched since your last treatment. Getting rid of bed bugs in Los Angeles often requires the help of an exterminator. Once you have identified that you are experiencing problems with bed bugs, a quick call to an exterminator will put you on the road to eliminating the infestation. The exterminator will first inspect your home to help him come up with a suitable treatment plan. He will then apply the necessary treatment and return to reapply it once or twice more to ensure all the bed bugs are gone from your home.

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