Getting Concrete Leveling in Denver

    If you’ve recently had concrete set but have realized that it’s settling in all kinds of strange ways, it may be time to reach out to concrete leveling in Denver for help. A team of professionals will be able to evaluate the damage and take care of your sinking and rising slabs quickly and efficiently. This way, your home or business will be much safer and more aesthetically pleasing once and for all.

    What Causes the Problem?

    Uneven concrete can be caused by a variety of reasons. For the most part, it’s caused by water, dry soil, pests, and poor compaction. When there is heavy rainfall, it can cause soil to soften, which can in turn cause concrete to sink.

    On the other hand, long periods of drought can cause soil to shrink and result in unstable surfaces. If there is debris left in the dirt, it can shift and cause the concrete to lift. Pests can also burrow under the concrete, causing even more issues. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to get your concrete fixed by professionals in concrete leveling in Denver, such as Concrete Repairs Denver.

    Fixing the Problem

    Concrete leveling involves using the latest technologies to target the problem and keep it from happening again. Many times, the problem requires injecting polyurethane resins into loose voids, soils, and water pathways to strengthen the earthen substrate and provide watertight encapsulation. Once the soils consolidate and are stabilized, your concrete slabs will provide safe surfaces for decades.

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