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    Make the legal process to apply for SSI in Halifax, Virginia, as easy as possible. Call the number below for a FREE consultation. Have your questions answered and receive valuable help with your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) application. Or, if you were denied in the past, speak with the attorney about appealing. More people are initially denied SSI than approved. But nearly half of those who appeal win their case.

    What is SSI?

    Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal income supplement program. Funding for SSI does not come from Social Security taxes but general tax revenue. SSI helps those who:

    • Are 65 or older
    • Are blind
    • Are disabled and can’t work
    • Have little or no income or have limited assets or resources

    If you are eligible for SSI, it is highly probably you are eligible for other assistance programs, as well.

    If You Were Recently Denied Benefits

    If you applied for SSI benefits and were denied, you may still receive a favorable decision on appeal. There are generally four steps in the appeal process:

    • Request a Reconsideration
    • Request a Hearing
    • The Appeals Council
    • The Federal Appeal

    Although there are necessary time limits for appealing and complex rules to follow, the attorney is accustomed to and proficient at all stages of applying and appealing SSI claims.

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    Don’t delay. To apply for SSI in Halifax, Virginia, or to receive more information, visit Cunningham Law Group today.

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