Get Out of Jail in Record Time With a Bail Bondsman in Jefferson County TX

    Experienced Jefferson County bond agents can post bond for both misdemeanor and felony arrests. The process of bonding out is fairly simple. An inmate can initiate the process from lockup or friends and family can hire a bail bondsman in Jefferson County, TX, on the inmate’s behalf.

    Here’s how.

    Making the Phone Call

    In most counties, inmates get access to public phones after being booked. They can call a bond agent themselves or call a third party to do it for them. To expedite the bail bond process, the bond agent requires the inmate’s full name, location of detention, booking number, charge and bail amount if available.

    Making the Payment

    Bail bonds cost roughly 10 to 15 percent of full bail. This cost is the premium, a nonrefundable fee paid to the bond agent. There may also be additional court filing costs as well.

    Acceptable forms of payment vary from agent to agent, but most accept cash, credit cards and/or collateral. Clients who engage the agent may be required to have valid identification and verifiable employment.

    Making Sense of it All

    Some seasoned, local bond agents offer free bail advice to interested parties, answering questions about bond types, payment plans and release time frames. Having the answer beforehand often helps friends and family make decisions that best support the defendant. Visit ASAP Bail Bonds to speak with a seasoned, efficient bail bondsman in Jefferson County, TX.

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