Four Types of Back Pain Doctors – Finding the Right One for You

    Back pain is one of the most popular medical concerns people have regardless of age and gender. It can be a result of a day-to-day activities, an accident, or when you’re seated or lying down for a while. Do not fret, there is a back doctor in Jacksonville, FL, that can help you with your back pain. Here is a list of the types of specialist that can help.


    Different medical facilities employ chiropractors to provide chiropractic treatment to patients. Since the early 2000s, chiropractors have become more and more popular and the to-go doctor for people with back and neck pain.

    Chiropractors focus on aligning and manipulating the spine to reduce pain and stress from the body.

    Physical Therapists

    Physical therapists are doctors that provide physical rehabilitation. They are the doctors that help patients to recover from traumatic injuries resulting from car accidents or sports accidents.

    Physical therapists were recognized after the Second World War as they assisted veterans with brain and spine injuries, as well as assisting amputees.


    Surgeons, specialized doctors who provide invasive treatment, are also good selections for reducing and removing back pain through surgery. If you want a fast result and you have the money to pay for it, having a spine or brain surgery are among the best ways to treat back pain.

    Osteopathic Physicians

    Osteopathic doctors focus on treating the musculoskeletal system to reduce back pain. They offer whole-body treatment and can perform surgeries as needed. These doctors can also write prescriptions as needed.

    If you are looking for a back doctor in Jacksonville, FL, you should visit Injury Care Centers. We have different doctors in different specialization areas that can help you with your back problems. You can also check our website at for more information about the medical services we offer.

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