Flying Nurses Bring Travel Consultancy to Local Florida Families

    In many cases, family assisted flights won’t need the full skills of a trained RN medical escort. That being said, professional travel companions for seniors can still provide a very helpful service for those who might find traveling to be a challenge. One Palm Coast-based organization is turning this paradigm on its head with a different kind of service.

    Travel consultants can coordinate an entire flight or just selected portions of a greater journey. International coordinators are more than capable of organizing situations where people need to cross borders. Considering how many retirees often like to spend their winters in warmer climates,
    travel companions for seniors might be looked at as a great way to make the transition go much more smoothly.

    Of course, there are cases where a registered nurse might be a better idea than a simple travel consultant. In those cases, a flying nurse could be the best way of dealing with the issue. Best of all, these personnel receive training not only in medicine but also bedside manner.

    Customer service is something that’s become sorely lacking in so many industries. Fortunately, this is one exception. Any RN that’s capable of dealing with international flights is also focused on dealing with the here and now. That’s more important in many cases that anything else.

    That’s not to say that travel companions for seniors don’t have a complete background in flight mechanics as well as medical sciences. Those who want more information can visit Flying Nurses International at and see if this kind of service could help make traveling that much easier.

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