Five Benefits of Dental Implants in Wall NJ

    Dental implants are used to fill the space where missing teeth once were. Installing an implant requires a multi-step surgical procedure in which the dentist places a steel post in the bone and cements a crown on top of it. The crown looks and functions like a natural tooth. There are five benefits of using dental implants in Wall NJ to replace missing teeth.

    * Implants are versatile. They can be used to replace one tooth or serve as the anchors for a bridge or overdenture.

    * Implants preserve the bone that supports the teeth. Bone loss can cause adjacent teeth to get loose and fall out. With an implant in place, the bone will not shrink. Because you won’t lose the bone in your jaw, you won’t experience the facial sagging that many people with conventional dentures have.

    * Implants help you protect your healthy teeth. Traditional bridges are created by grinding down adjacent teeth to support the partial. When implants are used instead, healthy teeth are not damaged to make a bridge.

    * Implants improve your appearance and your confidence. You can smile without worrying about who will notice that you are missing teeth. The crown on the end of the implant will not be distinguishable from a natural tooth.

    * Implants can last a lifetime. While dentures and bridges need to be replaced every ten years, dental implants in Wall NJ can remain in place for up to 50 years.

    Your dentist can evaluate your teeth and existing bone structure to determine if one or more implants will help improve your oral health. After your dentist finishes the procedure, you will be able to eat and care for your new tooth just like the rest of your teeth. Simply brush and floss your teeth normally to keep the crown and the surrounding teeth clean. Visit Hunterdon Family Dental for more information.

    Whether you are missing one tooth or several, implants can restore your natural smile. Having a full set of teeth can boost your confidence in social situations and help you feel more comfortable in public. When implants are used to support dentures or bridges, your teeth will fit properly so they won’t slip or be painful to wear on a daily basis.

    For more information, visit Comprehensive Dentistry online .

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