Everything You Need To Know About Disaster Relief in India

    A disaster is either man-made or natural. It is known as significant damage or destruction of a place over an extended period.

    Given the rising toll of natural calamities, India’s need for disaster relief has become quintessential. In this article, you’ll learn what disaster relief in India is, who engages in it, and more.

    What Is Disaster Relief?

    The disaster relief stage entails offering immediate support by taking steps to lessen misery and sometimes by offering monetary aid to those affected.

    Counselling and other forms of help are also considered forms of relief. These relief initiatives are excellent decisions in favour of the affected communities when they drool at the lowest point in their life.

    Evacuations, the building of relief facilities, and the provision of emergency care and temporary housing are all activities that fall within the relief phase.

    Who Engages In The Phase of Disaster Relief?

    Among the important parties associated with this period were now the fire and police departments. Long after the initial assistance phase, activities such as offering short-term housing and drinking water remain crucial.

    To enhance disaster readiness and response, the Indian government has created a variety of initiatives and policies. Even more, NGOs have started to expand their operations and get more indulged in disaster relief.

    These initiatives have decreased hardship after disasters and assisted in saving lives. With disaster relief in India, you can also learn prevention measures to lessen the future impact of any natural calamity.

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