Establish A Child’s Rights With The Help of A Paternity Lawyer in Jacksonville

    Establishing the paternity of a child is often needed when the parents of the child in question have never been married. Single Mothers must be able to prove that a child is blood-related to a person before any court will order support for the child. A paternity lawyer in Jacksonville will help clients navigate the process of proving paternity in a case for single parents of a child. These lawyers will often work with married parents if the issue of paternity arises at any time.

    Paternity testing benefits a child and the supporting parent in many ways, first and foremost in the advantage of arranging child support. Without documented proof that a child shares a genetic match to a person the courts nor a judge can order any means of support from the other party. A paternity test can be ordered, and a paternity lawyer in Jacksonville can help to request this from the courts on the client’s behalf. Once a test proves 99.999% (no test will ever come back 100%) a court of law can, therefore, start ordering support payments and in some cases retro the payments back to the date of the child’s birth. Proving paternity in many cases gives the child access to both sides of their family and other relatives that they may not have been aware of before.

    Allowing a child to have access to valuable medical history and in some cases giving the chance to lay rightful claims to inheritance in the future. Paternity also serves the parent in question; establishing that a child is theirs can help to develop a relationship with the help of visitation agreements. Courts take the pursuit of paternity seriously and will assist in any way necessary to ensure a child has access to both parents. The courts and judges will always do what is in the best interest of the child once paternity has been established.

    Eilert Law, PLLC can help clients get the required representation in domestic relations courts and start the process for paternity, child support, custody, and visitation. Free consultations are available, and they can be reached at their website or by calling to schedule an appointment.

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