Enjoy The Flavor Of King Edward Cigars

    While not many Americans are up on their royal history, anyone who enjoys a great cigar is probably familiar with King Edward. Just after he ascended to the throne he was heard to proclaim, “Gentlemen, you may smoke,” which is perhaps the most popular sentence even uttered. This reversed the long-time ban on cigar and cigarette smoking imposed by Queen Victoria, and also gave rise to today’s King Edward cigars.

    All of the King Edward cigars made today are produced by Swisher, a very well recognized cigar manufacturer. For most first-time cigar smokers and those that appreciate a rich but not overpowering tobacco flavor, they are a great option. Small in size and compact, they offer an even smoke all the way through, making them a great option for any time you want to enjoy a natural, flavorful cigar.

    Mild Strength and Flavor

    When it comes to body, strength and flavor, the King Edward cigars can be easily described as mild. They are not boring or low on flavor; they are just uniformly mild and easy to enjoy.

    The feature an Indonesian wrapper, but they are actually made in the United States. They have 100% natural filler tobaccos, and this makes them a great option for a true cigar enthusiast looking for a relaxing, quality smoke.

    Inexpensive Enjoyment

    For many people just getting into cigar smoking, it can seem that the cost of the top cigars makes it difficult to afford. If you are looking for top quality, lower priced smoke then King Edward cigars are certainly worth considering.

    These cigars have been around for decades, and they continue to be a popular option for the novice as well as the experienced cigar smoker. They are about a 40 to 42 gauge cigar, so they can be enjoyed after dinner, with coffee or with a drink.

    The key to enjoying King Edward cigars is to look for the flavors that unfold as you enjoy the smoke. First you will notice a more predominant tobacco flavor, which quickly mellows out to a consistent flavor on the draw. For discerning smoker, you will notice a slightly leathery note, but it is well blended with the taste of the tobacco.

    There are no spices, no unusual flavors or no twists or turns, just a great smoking, traditional type of cigar. Perhaps this is why King Edward cigars continue to be a favorite of cigar lovers, which is certainly a compliment to the brand.

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