Due Diligence When Checking Out Motorcycles Used for Sale

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Automotive

Older motorcycles used for sale versus a source for used parts can be tricky buys. This is especially true online where many buyers aren’t sure how to thoroughly check them out. Following these tips will help you make the right purchase.

Get an Inspection

Used motorcycles for sale online can still be inspected. You can use online message boards and referral services to find a qualified mechanic to check out any used bike you’re interested in buying. You may have to pay for this service, particularly if you’re asking a mechanic to visit the home of a seller. You may also need to ask the seller to take the bike in for an inspection. This may or may not affect the price of the bike.

The more thorough the report on the bike, the more the inspection is likely to cost. Few mechanics in this situation will go over a motorcycle for free. They’ll want some cash for the trouble. This can usually be done over the phone.

If a seller is hesitant to have an inspection done, be careful. People with nothing to hide, hide nothing, especially when there are thousands of dollars on the line.

Pay Through a Secure Method

There are several ways to pay for online purchases that provide protection for the buyer. It’s especially important to use protection during online sales. Even with inspections available, an unscrupulous seller can swap one bike out for another or even swap out parts. Being able to ensure a refund in case merchandise turns out to be bogus is essential to safely buying motorcycles used for sale online.

Your credit card company is the first line of defense for your purchase. With the help of a thorough before-purchase inspection, you can successfully do a chargeback on a bad bike deal. Make sure you aren’t relying on a debit card for this, however, because most don’t offer the same kind of protection.

You can also use an online escrow service that takes your money and holds a large portion of it until the sale is completed to your satisfaction. That means you receive the bike and find it in good working order, or at least in as good of condition as was advertised. Different escrow companies have different standards so it’s important to check and see what they are before hiring one company over another. Purchasing motorcycles used for sale online can be tricky, but escrow is one way you can protect your investment.

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