Dryer Ignitor Repairs

by | Aug 25, 2013 | Shopping and Fashion

All of the gas dryers that were made in the late 70s are equipped with an ignitor. This ignitor can be described as a small device that’s located next to the dryer’s pilot light. The ignitors have been designed to provide an electric spark that inflames the area. This kind of feature on any gas related appliance has been designed to save energy since it will only burn gas as needed. This process differs from the older model versions because they burn gas on a continuous basis. This is an extremely important feature in the newer appliances because it reduces the amount of money that the family has to pay on their utility bills.
When dealing with a dryer ignitor problem, it is important for homeowners to know that they can troubleshoot dryer ignitor issues themselves. Fortunately, the diy inspections can determine if the ignitor will have to be replaced or if other problems exist. To start this process, the owner should check the gas service for potential interruptions. This can be accomplished by inspecting the gas meter. For instance, the homeowner or their family or friends can inspect the gas meter to see if the dials are in a continuous spinning mode. The owner of the home can also inspect all of the gas appliances to determine if they are currently working. Before checking the services, the electrical cord should be unplugged to cut off the power.
If the ignitor is no longer working or is defective, it is essential for the owner to find a manufacturer that can provide the part as quickly as possible. Once the owner of the home has located the right part from a manufacturer, the next step in the process is to take the kick plate on the front bottom of the dryer off. This can be done by using a Phillips screwdriver. This tool is the best choice because there are at least 4 to 6 screws that will be needed to secure the actual plate. To make sure the problem is repaired correctly, the repairman must make a distinction between ignitors that need to be replaced or other severe concerns.

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