Don’t Leave Your Pet Behind When Starting University Classes

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Student Housing Center

When you first heard that you were accepted to the University of Oklahoma, you were likely excited. However, you may have had a little bit of anxiety thinking about leaving your furry friend behind. The great news is that you can get a good education and keep your pet. You just need to find the right pet-friendly apartments in Norman, OK.

You will get all the benefits that come from living in student housing and still be able to keep your dog or cat. You will have access to a pool, a fitness center, and a complete lifestyle that is available with student housing. And you will be able to enjoy all these things while having the comfort and peace of mind that comes from keeping or getting a pet.

When looking at specific pet-friendly apartments in Norman, OK, think about how living in these apartments will be difficult or beneficial. For example, if you have a cat, you want to make sure that there is plenty of space for the litter box in the apartment. If you have a dog, you want to be sure that there are safe places where you will be able to go on regular walks.

Before signing a lease for a specific apartment, make sure they accept the type of pet you have. Also, find out if you have to provide vaccination records or other documentation.

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